Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Personal Stamp!

My Personal Stamp!
My personal logo has different images and symbols that show who I am. There is a background image and four other symbols and images. First, the background image is a photo of Oceanside Pier that is located in my hometown. From this pier you can see the white sand shore that stretches ahead. You can hear the waves’ murmur sound and see far out in the sea. You also observe the sunrise and sunset easily. This image represents where I’ve lived since I came here, which have left a big impression on me. Next, the heart-shaped image is a photo of my love: My children. The symbol of glasses and a book represents that I’m not a spring chicken anymore and I love studying. The computer represents what I’m learning and using a lot. Last, the flags image represent where I like to visit in the future. In conclusion, this logo shows my character.

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