Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Word Assignment Project!

Larry is my best friend who has a very good attitude. He always looks happy, cheerful and is usually smiling. I asked him, “Why so?”He told me that he chose “happy” as a goal for his life. One day while he was walking down a dark street, two robbers held up him and they took all his money, and then they shot him. A bullet went into his stomach to make him lay down on the street and was bleeding a very long time. Luckily a woman who lived on that street and witnessed everything happened. Then she called an ambulance to take him to the big hospital. Laying on the bed in the emergency room, he looked pale. The doctors were worried about him as he lost a lot of blood and his chances of living were very slender. In the operating room, the doctors took out the bullet from his stomach and attended him. The nurse asked him” What thing are you allergic to?” such as medicine, flower, cat, chemicals or insects etc. He answered that he was allergic to bullets. I knew that was his joke because he was always a humorous man. Everyone felt better and then Larry was recovered his health with the help of the doctors and his own energy. Therefore, good attitude created his energy to beat the death or saved his life.